Town Hall York

Old York hospital

Built in 1894 to 1895 to accommodate the increasing number of ill prospectors from the goldfields and it only stopped operation as a hospital in 1963. It became a youth hostel in the ’80s and ’90s. Visitors and workers have reported being grabbed, thrown and stuck by needles by unseen presences.  The maternity ward is renowned for paranormal activity, especially at certain times late at night, when the sounds of babies crying and women moaning can be heard.  When it was used as a youth hostel many reported seeing apparitions, voices being spoken in their ears, and one person had their arm pulled through a window. The ghost of a matron allegedly stalks the deserted halls.  Currently under private ownership (not of the ghost) so no entry at the moment.

Settlers House Tavern

Built by the Craig family in about 1845.  Between 1875 to 1888 Settlers House was used as a Cobb and Co. staging post during the gold rush days and is a intimate, country inn style bar .  The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who once owned it. Watch out for her on the cobble stone, lamp-lit pathways.  Ask the owners for a behind the scenes tour to find out exactly what happens at night. While you are there it’s a good place to stop for lunch and a refreshing beverage.

York Town Hall

When completed in 1911 the Town Hall boasted the largest floor area of any town hall in Western Australia.  A fine example of Edwardian opulence, with its columns, ornate facade and significant fanlight over the main entrance, jarrah floors and balustrading and pressed tin ceilings it is a most impressive building.  Apparently a ghost lives in the back.  The Tourist Infomation Centre located in the foyer may be able to help with spotting him.  Joaquina Street, York

York Cemetery

Located at the foot of Mt Brown is the York Cemetery. There is a York Cemetary walking trail brochure available from the Town Hall. Why not visit late after a visit to the Mount Brown lookout above?

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