York Gaol

Old Gaol complex

In 1852 the first part of the courthouse complex, the cell block and police station, was built and officially opened in 1895 by Sir John Forrest.   Build from local stone it has been restored by the National Trust – you may view the restored prison cells and court rooms.  [still used as Court of Petty Sessions].  Usually open Thursday to Monday 10am to 4pm but check timings as liable to change.  On Avon Terrace

York Courthouse Complex website

Residency Museum

Built during the 1850’s as the Depot Superintendent’s Quarters, this historic house is now the last remaining part of York’s Convict Depot.  It then became the official home of the town’s Resident Magistrate hence the name, the Residency. During the early twentieth century it was used as part of the Old York Hospital, later being saved from disrepair by the efforts of the York Society.  It opened as a Municipal Museum in 1972 and continues to be managed by the Shire of York, with help from community volunteers.  The Residency Museum is located at 4 Brook Street near the Old York Hospital.

York Museum website

Tipperary School Museum

A missing gem off the usual York tourist lists.  Originally located on Tipperary Farm, 8km north of York, this was one of the very few remaining single teacher school houses in the district. The building was dismantled brick by brick and re-erected at the old Sandalwood Yards by a team of dedicated volunteers and members of The York Society.  Worth a visit to the Sandalwood Yards to see the old complex as well.  Located on Avon Terrace.

Tipperary School website

York Motor Museum

Established in December 1979, the York Motor Museum is now recognised as one of the finest private collections of Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Racing Cars in Australia. The exhibition area comprises three main display halls. Each has a central theme related to the various eras of motoring with different vehicles forming a feature exhibit each month. In addition to detailed information on the cars, a colourful collection of historic posters, photographs and other motoring memorabilia provides a most informative and charming setting for the vehicles. Located on Avon Terrace.

York Motor Museum website

Car Museum

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