Do you do gft vouchers? 

A Hope Farm Guesthouse B&B voucher is an ideal gift for one or two guests to enjoy a well-earned relaxing weekend, mid-week getaway, or extended vacation. Vouchers can be for one night or multiple nights – it’s up to you!

We now have a dedicated page to order vouchers via SQUARE.  This is a new feature on our website for 2024.

Please email us or call us if you need to discuss any of the above.

Are you pet friendly?

Unless the dog is a service dog we dont really because we dont want animals in the rooms as we use luxury bedding and it is very hard to clean dog hairs out of our carpets.  If your dog can sleep on the verandah (outside) and is well behaved we are happy to discuss.  If you are the only guests, our guest room (next to room 3) can sleep a dog which is inside the main house and directly outside room 3.  So the answer is no but yes.  Call us to discuss.

Why do you say ''no children''?

In general we are an adult only retreat, parents escaping their own children for the weekend.  That saying, we have welcomed many lovely, respectful children over the age of 5 to the farm and they can help us feed and groom the animals.  We welcome kids on weekdays only especially when you are the only booking that night.  Children over the age of 15 are not considered 'children'.  So please call us to discuss.  Lavendale Farm is the best place locally for kids during school holidays.

Do you offer late check out or early check in?

Yes we do.  It costs $25 per room for either check in or check out so you just add this as an extra when you book.  Please ask us why we charge extra for this if it is not obvious.  If you are reading this AFTER you have booked then just send us a message and you can pay on arrival.  Normal check in is after 2pm and check out is before 10am.  Early check in or late check out is 12:00pm (2 extra hours). We are only two people and when all three rooms check out we need a couple of hours to clear up breakfast, turn around the rooms and have lunch in between.

What changes are happening in 2024?

We are installing new carpets and renovating all the rooms.

We are increasing the nightly stay price to $220.  To offset this increase we offer discounts for guests who have stayed with us before via a voucher code (contact us if you havent received one after your previous stay) and we also offer multiple night stay discount for stays of 2 nights or more.  Please contact us if this needs explaining.

We are also adding minimum night stays for weekends.  Friday and Saturdays in two of our rooms is now a minimum 2 night stay.  We have lots of guests who want a weekend away who cant book because one night is already reserved.  We only have three rooms so this has been an ongoing issue.  We are keeping the Rainbvow Bee Eater room open for single night stays on weekends so we can hopefully keep everyone happy.

Are you non smoking?

Yes we are strictly non smoking.  That means no smoking anywhere on the property.  We know that might sound a little harsh but we try very hard to keep our rooms smelling beautiful and we havent found a way to combine that with cigarette smoke.  So unfortunately no smokers please.

Can we walk to town?

Yes.  We are about 2kms from the centre of York.  It will take you about 45minutes depending how fast you walk and there is a lovely trail called the Avon Walk Path that starts not far from our place and walks along the river into town right where the swing bridge is.  Don't forget, you have to walk back again!  In sumnmer months (December, January, February) it's really too hot to walk.  You can add bike hire to your booking for $25 per day.

Do you cook evening meals?

In general no BUT if you have all three rooms booked we can arrange gourmet private dining with some local caterers.  (6 or 7 people).  It is $65 per head for a 2 course meal and we do the dishes ($390 for 6 people).  We can organise wine/drinks or BYO.  The food is spectacular!  It is really nice to get finger food from the local supermarket and make a platter up and have a glass of wine overlooking the garden. Call us to discuss. 

Are there taxis in York if we want to go out for dinner and have a wine?

No usually not.  We can offer offer taxi rides into and out of town at $20 a trip.  Subject to us being around and available of course.  Why do we charge?  Well over the years we have just realised that a nominal charge makes us feel better and it turns it into a service rather than an obligation.  Again you can arrange bike hire if you want to get into town without a car.

Does your breakfast cater for Gluten Free, Vegans, Vegetarians, Rastafarians?

Yes of course but it is really handy if we know about this before you arrive.  We will send you a message asking for your approximate arrival time and any dietary restrictions.  We can cater to pretty much anything including Rastafarians.  What is our award winning breakfast you might ask?  We offer a range of cereals, fruit skewers, yoghurts, home made bread followed by a cooked breakfast of sausage, bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.  You wont be hungry for days afterwards.